Daddy’s home (telling him he’s going to be a Dad)

My boyfriend was due home at 3pm that day. I was so excited and nervous to tell him but I didn’t want to tell him over the phone. Plus how much would it suck to hear that news and then have to wait in work for the day? The only people that knew were my sister, the lady in the chemist and I, I almost burst waiting for him to get home.

At 2pm he text me to say he had gotten some vouchers at work for Christmas and was going to buy us some nice gin. Gin? Are you kidding me? Come home!!! I tried to sway him, told him I’d like to go shopping too but that I had a suprise for him at home and to come home straight away. He said he would.

3pm comes and goes and no boyfriend. I text him at 4pm and asked where he was, he said in the supermarket. I wanted to kill him, then quickly realised this was the happiest day of our lives and to have some patience.

I had his suprise all ready. I gift wrapped a bracelet box I had (so that it could just be opened up) and popped the Clearblue test inside. I also bought a daddy christmas card and wrote about how happy I was and how much I knew he would be an amazing father.

Daddy’s early Christmas present 😍

5pm, Daddy’s still not home. 5.30pm and I’m a nervous wreck. 6pm and I can finally hear the car parking outside. My heart stopped for the second time that day. My sister was Snapchatting me the whole time, she was almost as excited as me, dying to know what his reaction would be. She asked me how I thought he’d react. I thought about it, assuming I knew him so well I would know the answer but then I realised how could I know? We had absolutely no precedent for this. It’s like telling your partner you’ve won the lottery, who knows what someone will do in that situation? I knew he’d be happy but would he be freaked out initially? I was about to find out!

I was sitting on the sofa when he walked in, I had left the present on the coffee table. He could see straight away that I was being weird and smiled at me. I told him to open the box first. He pried it open and instantly knew what he was looking at. “No way?… Oh my God!! Babe?” and with that he dived across the sofa at me and gave me the biggest hug he’s ever given me. He was excited and delighted straight away, no freak out whatsoever.

I always knew he’d be an amazing Dad, he’s always been fantastic with kids and he’s so affectionate and caring. His reaction was brilliant, I’ll never forget his face or that hug. Our baby is in for some serious cuddles from Dada!

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