Trying for a baby

We got so much advice from people and let’s just say if you let people know you’re trying, be prepared for some less than optimistic words of wisdom. Don’t let it get you down. People will try to limit your expectations in case it takes you some time to conceive (or have fertility issues) which is totally natural and actually good advice but just remember everyone is different. What irritated me the most was people saying things like “…don’t be stressing or worrying about it, it’ll happen when it happens” or “don’t get too excited about it, it could take years”. I remember thinking “calm down we haven’t even started trying yet, right now all I feel is excitement”. It was almost as though people assumed I would be worried or stressed and I really wasn’t. I was totally optimistic but also realistic. I knew for some people it happened on the first try (obviously I hoped I would be one of those) but I also knew for some it was a much longer, difficult journey and for some natural conception wasn’t possible at all. Here’s my story.

We started to try for a baby in October 2018. I had been tracking my period for about 18 months using the Ovia Fertility and Flo apps on my android. My period was always irregular and long but getting my Implanon out in September rectified that. I went from an average 60 day cycle to 28 days exactly for 2 cycles in a row.

When we started trying in October it was during the 2nd 28 day cycle. On what would be my 3rd 28 day cycle I suspected I was ovulating on day 16. I had a pain in my right lower abdomen and I felt fatigued and bloated. I had purchased some ovulation tests from so I decided to check them out. Before getting my Implanon removed I had always had irregular periods and when we decided to try for a baby I really worried about having fertility issues. I was so excited when I saw the test was a strong positive with a really distinct line, it meant the world to me and my boyfriend was really excited too.

The next week (the week before my period was due) I was expecting my usual pre-menstrual symptoms, the main one being very tender/sore breasts but I didn’t have any symptoms at all. I worried my cycle had become irregular again and told my boyfriend but he reassured me everything would be OK and we waited for my period to arrive as normal…

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