Weeks 5-7 & telling our family

After finding out we were expecting, we immediately couldn’t wait to share the news with our friends and family. But it seemed so taboo to tell people in the first trimester. Everywhere I looked online there were recommendations about how to tell your loved ones at 12 weeks but not sooner. I understood this was because the first trimester is a delicate stage when complications can occur but we decided to tell our immediate families at Christmas, as after all, should anything bad happen, we would be telling them anyway. We’re both very close with our families.

Christmas coincided with my 6th week of pregnancy and also with the onslaught of morning sickness. I felt horrific. I felt like I had the flu (my body was aching and tired) mixed with a vomiting virus. The nausea was constant, 24 hours a day and it was so intense. I had also been struggling a little with pain at the very bottom of my abdomen from 5 weeks. It felt like severe period cramps but was quite sharp at times. It did frighten me to be honest. I rang the doctor on call about it but she reassured me that it was probably just my uterus starting to stretch and once I wasn’t bleeding, it would be OK. By the end of week 6 the pain had subsided for the most part. The only other symptoms I had were frequent trips to the bathroom, bloating and painfully tender breasts.

When Christmas Eve arrived I went home to my family and my boyfriend went home to his (he joined me at my family home on the 29th). I was so excited to tell everybody. My oldest brother has 2 little boys (age 4 & 3) and my older sister has 3 little girls (age 9, 7 & 4), I was next in line for procreation and here I was, embryo in tow.

I told everyone on Christmas morning. I had written it in their Christmas cards with little riddles I made up. My parents were so shocked, they knew I was very maternal but I think they had gotten accustomed to me doing my own thing, travelling etc. and hadn’t expected the news right then. Everyone was so happy for me though, it was really lovely.

My boyfriend’s Dad text me the sweetest message which also made my day. “Well it’s Christmas morning and Grandma and I have had the best gift ever and even though Santa is gone, we know the best gift is arriving in August. We’re so happy for you both. I know you will be great parents and you will be a great Mum. You should have seen the proud look on his face when he broke the news to us, he will be a great dad. Lots of love, have a great Christmas and give our best to your family!”. His Mom called me too and was already asking about what I needed, what she could buy, the cot? The stroller? I was a tad overwhelmed but just tried to take it all in. Watching my mom speak to his mom on the phone and hearing how proud they both were was so heart warming. Thinking ahead to their faces when they see their grandchild for the first time made me feel so proud and hopeful.

We left home on the 30th of December and came back our own place in Galway. We celebrated New Years Eve with a beautiful meal in a local seafood restaurant with 2 of our closest friends (who we also told) and then rang in the New Year cuddled up on the couch together.

“3, 2, 1, happy new year babe!!” he said before kissing and hugging me. All of a sudden I was overcome with emotion. It was like the gravity of how much my life was going to change in 2019 hit me all at once and I was little scared. As he pulled away he saw the tears in my eyes and immediately asked what was wrong. I couldn’t really put it into words. I was still so happy and dying to meet our little peanut but for the first time I was nervous and very aware of the commitment we had made to this little person for the rest of our lives. He was amazing, cuddled me and talked about how happy we were going to be and it soothed my nerves.

Looking back now I know those emotions are totally natural and I’d be a little worried if I wasn’t a little anxious about what the future holds every now and then. It just means I understand the responsibilities that await me, that I’m preparing mentally for the love of my life to enter the world. I know it won’t all be sunshine and rainbows but I’m 100% OK with that!

2 thoughts on “Weeks 5-7 & telling our family

  1. Hello New Irish Mama.
    Sorry but I don’t know Your real name.

    I’d like to wish You all the best for Your pregnancy and for the birth of Your child.
    Will it be a boy or a girl You give birth to?

    Which week are You right now?
    Today is the 25th February 2019.

    Would be updates via WhatsApp possible?
    Waiting for your reply.

    Kind regards
    Stefan Cardinale
    From Germany

    I have no problem with it, if You would like to know my complete address and mobile number.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Stefan

      Thanks for getting in touch and for the good wishes! I’m so over the moon and loving sharing my journey here.

      I’m 15 weeks today and we’re not going to find out the gender, I always presumed I would but now that I’m pregnant I want the surprise and my boyfriend wants a surprise too!

      You can follow my blog for regular updates, I’ll be uploading a few times a week from now on or you can follow follow me on social media. There are links to all of my accounts on my homepage or just search @newirishmama on Insta, Twitter or Facebook and you’ll find me.

      Thanks again 🙂


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