Weeks 8-11 pregnancy update

After Christmas I didn’t have to go back to work until the 7th of January and I was so grateful. I felt so exhausted, so sick and generally disgusting. From week 8 – 11 the same symptoms persisted. Intense nausea, food aversions, increased sense of smell (I could smell a boiled egg within a 3 mile radius), body aches, abdominal aches and pains, flu like symptoms including a blocked nose and sneezing & frequent urination (4-6 times a night). The sensitivity to smell sucked because it worsened the nausea but it was almost like I had a “spidey sense”, I could smell things lingering that had been in a room the day before, seriously!!

During this time I had my one and only craving, citrus, I craved the freshness of anything citrussy (I know that’s not a word, you know what I mean). As a result, I realised that sipping on carbonated lemon drinks, really helped with my nausea so I stocked up on Club Lemon Zero and lemonade. Anything citrussy would do though, I wanted lemon sorbet sweets, lemon cheesecake, lemon curd, lemon youghurt, basically anything with lemon in the title I could get my hands on. Then I got an update on my Ovia Pregnancy app that citrus/lemon zest naturally aids in the reduction of nausea. I googled it and there was the same info everywhere. It’s actually crazy how your body tells you what you need!

Another symptom that started around 8 weeks was crazy, vivid dreams. I was getting up several times a night to pee and as a result of my sleep pattern being disturbed so regularly I was able to remember dreams in great detail (because I was literally being woken up to pee in the middle of them). I seemed to be having nitemares constantly, not about being pregnant or the baby, just completely random topics. The Big Lebowski trying to chase me down and murder me stands out as a particularly random one.

In week 11 the nausea and food aversions gave way to extreme fatigue and exhaustion the likes of which I had never experienced before and never expected. I was dead. I could barely get out of bed, I just had zero energy. I went to my doctor who said this was common at this stage but that I also had low blood pressure and was dehydrated which wasn’t helping. I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time using the doctor’s Doppler, it was only for about 10 seconds but it was really amazing and I got a little weepy at the sound of it thumping away at 156 beats per minute. It was strong and healthy, I was a very proud mama (Daddy was sad later that he missed out though). My abdomen was very tender to the touch on the left hand side where the baby was so my GP sent me to hospital to be sure everything was OK. They did blood and urine tests and after a 1.5 hour wait (pretty good for our hospitals), they advised everything seemed to be fine, heartbeat was present and no bleeding so no need for an early scan. I’ll admit I was a little disappointed, I had secretly hoped they would scan me in the hospital.

I spent week 11 in bed at home, unfit to attend work or do anything really because of the fatigue. It was a tough time, I was so happy to be pregnant but really not enjoying it because of the symptoms and I felt terribly guilty if I complained. Everyone kept saying “just focus on what you’ll have at the end” but to be honest my due date seemed an eternity away at that stage. I couldn’t feel my baby and I didn’t look pregnant, I just felt sick, tired and fed up. At least I had the scan the following week to look forward to.

Stay tuned for the first scan update!!

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