12 week ultrasound update

At 12 weeks and 1 day I met up with my boyfriend and we went to the hospital for my first scan. I was so excited to see our little Peanut for the first time. I was secretly hoping that seeing the baby would make the whole experience feel more “real” because although I obviously knew I was pregnant, I still couldn’t really believe it.

I read online my bladder had to be full so I drank a pint of water 1 hour before the appointment and had a 750ml bottle of water with me to sip on too. The problem was, I was using the bathroom very frequently. My bladder seemed full almost instantly when I drank and when I needed to go… I NEEDED TO GO! So I knew it was gonna be tough to get the timing right on this one.

We got there tight on time, checked in and took a seat. There were 4 women in front of me and within 10 minutes of waiting, I already had to pee. There seemed to be two sonographers and the appointments are only meant to take 20 minutes approximately so I figured I could make it. One hour later and I was about to explode, my boyfriend kept telling me to “just go to the toilet” but I was afraid they wouldn’t scan me if I did. He also suggested just letting a little bit out which made me laugh so hard I almost let it all out. Thankfully she called me next.

We went in, she took our basic details and told me to lie down, open my jeans and pull them down a little as the uterus is still quite low at that stage. I said I thought mine may be a little higher than some, as the Doppler found the heartbeat a littler higher on my left side. She looked doubtful. She put some jelly on my tummy and started the scan.

The first thing she said was, “Oh my God your bladder is very full, it might even be too full.” I thought, “don’t slap the lady Mama, be cool” and said, “I know, I’m absolutely bursting, it’s pretty tough to time when to drink when you pee constantly and the appointment isn’t right on time”. She agreed and said it needed to be a little less full for the 20 week scan. “Good luck with that Mama”, I thought.

She didn’t find the baby down low in the centre of my abdomen and then told me I was right, that my baby was little higher than usual on the left which was totally normal too. And with that, there it was, my baby. I choked up instantly. I could see it’s whole body, legs, torsoe, head, arms and it’s little heart beating away. It was incredible! The baby was so active, jumping and kicking, it seemed nuts that I couldn’t feel it. My boyfriend just kept saying, “Wow!” and held my hand. He wasn’t allowed to film it which we were both sad about. We also weren’t able to listen to the heartbeat which he was particularly sad about having missed it the week before. She said they never do and that it was something to do with too much radiation for the baby. But the baby was perfect and we were still elated. She double checked that there was just one and I’m not gonna lie, for those few seconds I was terrified, one on the first go was my limit but she smiled and told me it was just the one. She confirmed my due date was the same as when estimated using the first day of my last period, the 19th of August, 2019.

And then it was over. She booked us in for my anomoly scan at 21 weeks, printed our report, congratulated us and sent us on our way. We were on cloud nine all day and could finally announce our news to the world, which my boyfriend did with a Facebook post. We were inundated with messages and calls, it was so overwhelming. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier and knew there was so much more happiness on the horizon for us. My heart was so full!

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