13-14 week pregnancy update

On the day I got to 13 weeks I got up early at about 6.30am to use the bathroom, I had been struggling with fatigue, dizzyness and low blood pressure from 11 weeks so although I felt a little whoozy as I got up, I thought nothing of it. The next thing I knew, I was about 6 foot away from the side of the bed, on the floor and my right hip and elbow hurt. I had obviously fainted because I didn’t remember falling. I was a little frightened, I had no bump at the time but what if I did? I could have really hurt the baby with the fall. I also could have really hurt myself, I landed in the doorway of our bedroom which was really lucky as there was nothing for me to fall into there. I felt very odd, dazed and exhausted, I had returned to work at 12 weeks but there was no way I could drive this morning. I wasn’t even walking in straight lines I was so whoozy.

The rest of that week was the same, I was dead. I felt like a corpse, I had zero energy and the simplest task like changing clothes or showering was really difficult. I’ve never experienced fatigue like it, I felt totally pathetic. I went back to my GP on the Wednesday of that week and she said I was still dehydrated and my blood pressure was still low. I was frustrated with the dehydration, I was trying to so hard to drink as much as I could but I was asleep more often than I was awake so it was almost impossible to get enough. She signed me off for the week.

By Saturday there was little to no improvement and the next symptom kicked in, migraines. I had migraines as a kid and in my early 20s but it had been so long I didn’t think it was one straight away. It wasn’t long though before the throbbing got intense and I became extremely sensitive to sound so I realised what was happening. My GP had told me that paracetamol was the only thing that was definitely safe to take in the recommended dosage whilst pregnant but it had literally no impact on the pain. They were persistent, I fell asleep with it at night, it was there when I got up at night to pee, still there in the morning and went on all day. By Monday (14 weeks) it was really bad, I stayed in bed all day.

Back to the GP on Wednesday of that week and she confirmed it was migraine. I had a little cry in her office. My apps were welcoming me to the second trimester and telling me how wonderful it was and how much my symptoms would ease off this week but I felt worse than ever. I think I was just a little mentally drained. I was desperate to get back to myself and to start enjoying being pregnant. I still felt so guilty to complain about how I was feeling and I knew other women had worse symptoms than me so I felt a little like a failure for struggling so much. She reassured me that everything was OK and that the timelines for when symptoms occur in pregnancy aren’t set in stone but this would pass eventually. She also said that under no circumstances should I ever compare myself to another pregnant woman. “No two women are the same and no two babies are the same, so it’s a complete waste of time! This is your pregnancy, no-one else’s, what you’re feeling is legitimate, don’t doubt that!”

She signed me off work for that week too, recommended as much rest as possible and then asked if I wanted to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler again. I don’t think she needed to but I think she did it to cheer me up a little, she knew it would remind me that although this was tough my little Peanut was in there growing and getting ready to come out and cuddle me. It was really lovely of her now that I think of it! Peanut’s heart was strong just like at 11 weeks and this time I recorded it so Daddy could hear it for the first time too. He was the most excited I have ever seen him when he got home. He seemed so proud of his little baba!

I spent the rest of the week drowning myself in fluids and resting, by Friday the headaches had subsided somewhat. They were still there but not as intense at all and I had a little more energy. By Sunday my energy levels were way up, still not 100% but I would say 70% at least. By the end of 14 weeks I could also notice a slight difference in my tummy. Peanut was definitely starting (very slowly) to make an appearance, especially on the left side of my abdomen where he/she was lying. There was light at the end of the tunnel…

Stay tuned for my 15 week update later this week and check out Peanut’s heartbeat on my Instagram!

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