15&16 weeks, back in the land of the living!

At 15 weeks I saw a lull in pregnancy symptoms which was amazing. The lack of energy for the 4-6 weeks prior was draining physically but mentally too and it was actually exciting to feel energy again after what had seemed like a lifetime. Time really does drag when you’re literally dragging your feet.

I have a very oily t-zone usually so I use an exfoliating toner wash every morning and a cleanser/toner at night to try to keep the oil at bay. I only use gel moisturisers but use rosehip seed oil at night. I know what you’re thinking, why would you use an oil if you’re oily? It was a beauty guru (Nikkia Joy) tip and it’s actually made a huge difference to my skin and I’m much less oily since I included it in my routine. Oily skin tends to be dehydrated after all so it makes sense. I haven’t changed my skin care regime since getting pregnant but from 5 weeks until 15 weeks, my skin was probably the worst it’s ever been. I had acne spots for the first time in my life, mainly around my chin and jaw line, and my pores in general were blocked. Acne hurts! I looked like a hormonal teenager and I wasn’t feeling it but by the end of 15 weeks, it too started to clear up a lot which was great.

I still had headaches on and off but I could manage them with paracetamol now so I wasn’t as bothered by them.

16 weeks was my best week so far. Lots of energy and my bump was really starting to grow. I could clearly see my left side (where the baby is) sticking out and I could feel it too. It felt much harder than the rest of my tummy. At night I was getting very bloated which is something you’d think I would complain about but I thought it was kind of cute. I could see what my bump was going to be like and I loved it.

I was getting lots of compliments from people at work about how much more energetic and bubbly I was and I felt it too. The headaches persisted that week too but were still manageable.

Another wonderful change at 16 weeks, my boobs got slightly less sore. They were still tender but at least I could roll over at night now without wincing. Boob pain in pregnancy is one of my most underestimated symptoms, it is no joke!

I had no idea though what was about to happen on day 5 of week 16, it was the best feeling yet! Stay tuned!!

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