17 week pregnancy update

My weeks change every Monday which is very handy! On the Sunday of week 16, as I was going to bed I said to my boyfriend, “Babe, my belly feels weird. It’s hard to explain, it’s painful but moreso really uncomfortable and gross feeling especially as I sit down.” The next morning I was 17 weeks and my app told me…

My pregnancy has been so textbook. If I say “I’ve had a headache all day”, the next day my app will tell me its common to get headaches around this time. I guess the only negative is that every time it’s possible to have a symptom, I have it. Not everyone has all these symptoms but I do. That’s OK though, it’s all part of it and I did sign up for this šŸ˜‹

That Monday I also started to get quite bad lower back pain. I do have a bad back from a car accident 8 years ago. I have worn & bulging disks in my lower back and my pelvis is tilted as a result of flipping my car but that’s nothing compared to what could have been if I had passengers or had hit anyone else (I aquaplaned and flipped the car on its side, hitting a couple of ditches along the way). I’ve had back issues on and off over the years but it hadn’t bothered me in a little over a year so I was a bummed when it felt sore again.

I had a little cry that evening. I was worried this was the start of back pain that would last the duration of my pregnancy. I had been so happy for the last week/week and a half and now I had another issue. I just felt a little deflated after being able to enjoy it for only a week. Cuddles from Daddy helped.

The round ligament pain and the back pain persisted all week. By the end of the week I couldn’t stand up straight and was in a lot of pain.

There was something else that persisted all week that made me happy though, little bubbles popping in my tummy. It started at the end of 16 weeks and there were a couple of days during this week that I wasn’t sure if I felt it or not but when I did, it was lovely. Also my bumped POPPED midweek as you can see from the picture above. I was so excited, it literally does happen over night. So excited now for it to get bigger and rounder!

This baby is always the silver lining when I’m struggling with pregnancy, it’s never not been worth it, not even for a second. I’m constantly being told to “enjoy” my pregnancy and I have mixed feelings about that but the only feeling I have for my baby is immense love. My next post is more on my first experiences of “mom guilt” and why not all women can “enjoy” being pregnant, stay tuned and thanks as always for reading x

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