17 week pregnancy update

My weeks change every Monday which is very handy! On the Sunday of week 16, as I was going to bed I said to my boyfriend, "Babe, my belly feels weird. It's hard to explain, it's painful but moreso really uncomfortable and gross feeling especially as I sit down." The next morning I was 17 … Continue reading 17 week pregnancy update

15&16 weeks, back in the land of the living!

At 15 weeks I saw a lull in pregnancy symptoms which was amazing. The lack of energy for the 4-6 weeks prior was draining physically but mentally too and it was actually exciting to feel energy again after what had seemed like a lifetime. Time really does drag when you're literally dragging your feet. I … Continue reading 15&16 weeks, back in the land of the living!

13-14 week pregnancy update

On the day I got to 13 weeks I got up early at about 6.30am to use the bathroom, I had been struggling with fatigue, dizzyness and low blood pressure from 11 weeks so although I felt a little whoozy as I got up, I thought nothing of it. The next thing I knew, I … Continue reading 13-14 week pregnancy update

12 week ultrasound update

At 12 weeks and 1 day I met up with my boyfriend and we went to the hospital for my first scan. I was so excited to see our little Peanut for the first time. I was secretly hoping that seeing the baby would make the whole experience feel more "real" because although I obviously … Continue reading 12 week ultrasound update

Daddy’s home (telling him he’s going to be a Dad)

My boyfriend was due home at 3pm that day. I was so excited and nervous to tell him but I didn't want to tell him over the phone. Plus how much would it suck to hear that news and then have to wait in work for the day? The only people that knew were my … Continue reading Daddy’s home (telling him he’s going to be a Dad)

I’m pregnant!

Friday the 7th of December, 2018 was like any other day. I had the day off to do some life admin and woke up early to get ready for the day. I knew it had been 10 days since I ovulated and because I was trying for a baby I thought "...why not? Let's do … Continue reading I’m pregnant!

The Implanon that would not die…

The Implanon is a progesterone based contraceptive. It's a small, bendy plastic rod that is inserted into your arm. It's one of the most effective forms of contraception and it lasts for 3 years, which was a huge draw for me. My options for contraception were pretty limited though as I had a history of … Continue reading The Implanon that would not die…

How it all started… meeting Daddy

My boyfriend and I got together in the Summer of 2013. He gatecrashed my house warming with a mutual friend and sparks flew the first night. I don't think love at first sight is possible but there was definite lust at first sight and there was something about this guy that no other guy had … Continue reading How it all started… meeting Daddy